how does an agent serve the sellers?

Home sellers need more assistance in marketing their homes than they might expect. A professional real estate agent can help home sellers in many ways, not least in determining the best possible price for a property, based upon the condition and nature of the property itself, its competition in the market, and the seller’s desired timeline for sale. Homes that are under-priced don’t maximize the home seller’s investment in their property. Homes that are truly overpriced linger on the market, creating dissatisfaction for the seller. You, through your experience and the tools your company makes available, can help the seller set the best price for the time frame in which they wish to sell.

Another important aspect of marketing is presentation. You can help the seller understand what they can do to improve the cosmetic appearance of their home, and if necessary, the investments required to make their home sell at a higher price and during a shorter period of time.

A great value you will bring to the table is making home buyers and their agents aware of the home’s presence on the market. This means far more than putting a yard sign out, though your company’s name – and your own – can go a long way in drawing attention. These days, “selling” a home is really about “marketing”, and taking full advantage of both online and offline media. You’ll ensure descriptive and compelling marketing copy is produced on the home for use in both online and print materials, arrange for photography, explore the use of virtual tours with the seller, and bring a full range of marketing opportunities to the seller to promote the home in the most effective manner.

Once an offer is made, you again act in a consultative manner, helping your customer weigh the offer, and to negotiate for the best value for the home. While indeed your job is to “sell” the home, its important to ensure that the seller’s desire to “close the deal” doesn’t compromise their overall needs, or cause them to make a rash decision – the real goal is long term satisfaction, not immediate gain. After the buyer and seller have agreed on a price, you will work to facilitate the closing process, ensuring that all paperwork and financing is in order, and help the seller transfer ownership of their new home.

As in the case of the buyer, in the end, your job is to provide needed value and expertise. The sale of a home is a major event in anyone’s life, with the potential for financial gain through the sale, but sometimes a sense of emotional loss. By exercising and demonstrating your capabilities, you help the seller to make the most of their investment of time and money in a property, and often help them to buy a new home as part of the process. If you perform well – which we take to the next level at Crestico – it’s very likely that your customer will turn to you for assistance in all their real estate needs, and refer friends and relatives to you for new business.

A real estate career can be a rewarding choice for anyone, with almost any level of professional or educational achievement. What you have done or learned prior to your real estate career can contribute to your success as an agent, but the common elements in most successful real estate careers are a sincere focus on helping customers, a strong work ethic, and common-sense intelligence.

Your Own Path to Success

Real estate agents have a variety of backgrounds and beginning skill sets. Since Real Estate is primarily a service and relationship business, relatively few come from careers where “hard selling” is a part of the job. Those that enter the industry from “sales” positions often find it to be more fulfilling, both in terms of personal satisfaction and earnings.

Real estate agents are often professional business men and women who have decided to “work for themselves”. Many are recent graduates from school, just starting their careers. Others are active semi-retired individuals, with years of experience and much wisdom to offer. Still others are energetic “part time” agents that dedicate their efforts to a tighter circle of customers.

Why Choose a Real Estate Career?

If you ask an agent why they chose to make their career in real estate, you’ll find a number of answers. Real Estate can certainly offer a high earning potential. The longer you stay in the business, the greater that potential becomes, through widening your circle of current and past customers, all of whom can refer new customers to you.

Many love the “helping people” aspect, while others want to exercise their independent nature and be their own boss. Most Crestico Real Estate Agents are independent contractors, and are thus able to set their own work schedules and build their business in the way that they want, while relying upon Crestico Real Estate for professional marketing and career assistance.

From being your own boss to growing a lifelong business, there are many reasons to choose a real estate career. We at Crestico can provide you the necessary tools to serve your clients successfully.

Start Your Real Estate Career with Crestico

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